Book Review: The Last Colony by John Scalzi

Book Review: The Last Colony by John Scalzi

The third book in the series that started with Old Man’s War.

The Last Colony by John Scalzi is the third book in a series that began with Old Man’s War and continued with The Ghost Brigades. You should probably read those two first, but you can read Last Colony on its own, there are enough clues to allow you to follow along, but you will miss some references.

At the beginning of The Last Colony, John Perry, the hero of the first two books, has retired from his days fighting aliens for the Colonial Union and is living a quiet life as the ombudsman in a village on the planet Huckleberry. He has married Jane Sagan, his lover from previous books, and they have an adopted teenage daughter. Perry and Sagan are back in normal human bodies, having giving up their enhanced bodies when they stopped being soldiers (as I said, you should probably read the first two books first!)

Then he gets a visit from his former commander, asking (if not quite ordering) him and his family to move to a new colony. They accept, with some ambivalence. But then weird stuff starts to happen.

As with any book by John Scalzi, there’s humor here. The plot is pretty interesting and the pages keep turning. There’s nothing profound here, and no one is going to call Scalzi a great prose stylist, but he knows how to put sentences and paragraphs together. I diidn’t enjoy either The Ghost Brigades or The Last Colony as much as Old Man’s War but the books are all entertaining. Recommended.

Cover of The Ghost Brigades

Liked it
momofplenty, posted this comment on May 2nd, 2012

This sounds like a series I would love to read! thanks for the review and thanks for posting an image (now I know what to look for at the book store)!

Martin Kloess, posted this comment on May 2nd, 2012

welcome Peter,
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